BogTV Jira Addon

If you have ever been working with bug reports coming from people using your product, you know how much it takes to first understand what the user did exactly when the bug came out. Written descriptions are usually of poor quality, making more questions (and time!) necessary to investigate the problem.

Save your time and money: get your customers make a screencast rather than writing text.

Features of the free version

  • Attach screencasts directly to your Jira issue
  • No need for installing any program, BogTV launches from the browser
  • Upload your screencasts directly to YouTube and watch them embedded into your issue page
  • BogTV makes use of YouTube's easy-to-use video editing and subtitling capabilities
  • Platform independent video capture (supports Windows, Linux and Mac)

Future plans

This addon was written in a hurry after I saw the announcement of Codegeist 2012 of Atlassian. This is a usable piece of code but could be still improved with new features. If I won the competition I would grow this addon to a professional product complying the needs of enterprises.

  • Use Jira itself for storing the videos for improved privacy
  • Record sound besides the video
  • Allow the user tune the video quality


I'd like to say thanks to my wife for supporting me during that week when I was coding day and night to get ready before the competition deadline. Thanks for Andrea Taini for the initial inspiration and Ferenc Erb for the vision about cloud services. The name BogTV comes from the Hungarian word bog which means knot, sometimes used as a synonym for problems.

Installing and using BogTV for Jira

You can install BogTV as a normal plugin following the Jira documentation. After installing it you will see a new custom field type ("Bog Tv Field") that you can add to any of your issue types, typically "Bug" or kind of. Having added the field users can attach screencasts to issues of that specific type using the "Add Screencast" menu from the "More actions" dropdown menu. After activating this menu a new browser window pops up (make sure you enable popping up windows in your browser!). The BogTV is implemented as a Java 6 Applet so installing JRE is necessary for using the plugin. The applet bundled with version 1.0 is self-signed, you have to give permission for running it explicitly. (Future versions will be signed with a trusted certificate of course.) You can capture your whole screen or select a specific area. The recorded video then should be uploaded to YouTube using your credentials that you have to give on the capture applet. You can attach the video to your issue by clicking the "Attach to Issue" button. A refresh of the issue is necessary after attaching the video. The processing of the uploaded video takes usually few minutes for Google, after that it can be seen embedded into your issue page. The plugin prevents you from attaching the very same video multiple times to the issue. YouTube also filters duplicate videos.


If you are interested in this project, you would like to help me going on feel free to contact me via e-mail at jantekb at gmail.